2016 Fun Scale Contes and Ben Roller Memorial Fly

It took a while, but we finally got the Fun Scale event in the books. First, it was combined with the Ben Roller Memorial Fly when we ran out of time to do it in September. Then the winds forced us out of the original date.

Sunday, October 22nd, turned out to be the perfect choice. The weather was some of the best flying weather we’ve had in the past weeks. Sunny and warm with the windsock limp is a rarity here in our part of the Outback.

The first order of business was the Fun Scale Contest. We had 9 entrants in this event. This is the easiest competition you will ever have. Take off, fly a straight pass and a figure 8. Then add four other maneuvers your airplane could do in the real world and land. Add 5 bonus points if you can produce a picture showing your plane resembles the full size version. Easy, pesy.

All nine contestants did a great job, but somebody had to finish first. Zac Roller flew his recently re-done PT-19 to first place. The wheel landing at the end was the deciding factor. We awarded second place to Ethan Thibault, our youngest competitor for his flight with his electric Cessna 177. This was his first contest and by the way he conducted his flights, it will surely not be his last.

The other seven fliers were are very equal in scores and we gave a blanket third place to all those. Truly the scores were all very close. Thank you all so much for taking part.

The Ben Roller Memorial part of the event included flying of all types of airplanes for the full morning. At the conclusion of the Fun Scale event. We gave some awards to the winners and then took a moment to honor all those Propbusters who are no longer with us.

We also took a moment to present Clancy Kingsbury a memoriam for his father Ken, who passed away recently. We will present a plaque for hanging at Who’s Hobby with his name in appreciation for all that he and Who’s Hobby have done for our group over the years.

It is had to imagine that Who’s has been around that long, but I can tell you my first purchases at Who’s were with allowance money back in the 50’s. (I know, I know, Judi still gives me allowance money to spend at Who’s).

We will do the formal plaque presentation at a later time.

Thanks to all who came and were part of these two very special events. A thumbs down to Mike Rossman for forgetting to bring the barbeque, but he promises we will feast on it at a later date.



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