August 26th-30th 2015


Black Hills Huckfest

From Thursday to Sunday, August 28th-30th, Black Hills Huckfest festivities took place at Propbuster Field. As you recall, we had to change the date because of the Ellsworth Open House and that may have cost us a few traveling flyers, but he event still sported over 25 registered pilots.

Justin Gebes did a great job of lining up sponsors and prizes. Darrell Cassidy and Bob Olson had our field looking top notch. Riley Cassidy did is usual outstanding job and DJ and on Friday night he set up a light show you had to be there to appreciate.

Justin lined up Smokin’ Hot Barbeque and they not only provided the Saturday night meal they had their trailer there from Thursday to Sunday selling all kinds of goodies. If you missed out on having a ‘Bomb’ for breakfast, I feel sorry for you. They were a culinary masterpiece in a paper tray. That is not discounting all the other great offerings they produced. We all want them back again next year. Justin?

There was night flying on both Friday and Saturday. Friday, as I said, Riley’s light show made an eye poppinng atmosphere. He set up his laser so all could fly through it. (See below). You had to appreciate Terry Wiles taking his Viper up lit only by the spotlights. Paul Sandal, not to be outdone, did a similar flight in the short lighted area too.

On Saturday night, Paul put up some foamie obstacles and that was a hoot. The FBI guys (Flying Boys from Iowa) put on quite a show with some foam flying wings. Those things are indestructible. Some are talking about a fleet among the Propbuster members.

Saturday at noon, Josh Franke hosted the Thousand Dollar 3D Throwdown. It was great. Six pilots put on quite a show. Terry Wiles won the $500 first prize and Tom Zimmerman and Paul Sandal split the money for second and third respectively.

We certainly appreciated the visit by ‘Spats’ Hinton from San Diego and all the other out of town visitors. They made it very special. It was great to hang out with the local guys too, It was laid back and fun. Even I got some of my version of ‘3D Flying’ in -- there was plenty of time for everyone to fly.

We also had some guests and two of them became Propbuster members during the event. Hadden Robinson and his dad Randy joined the group. Hadden is 11 years old and is now the youngest member of the Propbusters. Haddon is a pretty good flyer and is looking for some instruction on becoming a better one. Make sure you make them welcome when they are at the field next and give Hadden a hand if he needs it.

Clancy Kingsbury brought out a new ARF from Eflite. It is 78 inch T-28 and it flew great. There were a couple of sales at the field. I won’t tell you who all signed up, but my wife will be a while forgiving Clancy for letting me fly it.

If you count the Air Rallys we put on in the past, this event will turn 10 next year. What kind of celebration should be have?

There are lots more pictures on Giant Scale News.

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