Community Appreciation Day


June 4th 2017

About three or four years ago, we made our community event into part of AMA’s National Model Aviation Day. As part of that effort, whatever charitable funds we raise are put in the pot with other clubs around the country. The charity selected this year by AMA was the AMA Foundation. The AMA Foundation takes non-dues revenue and it’s board decides where the appropriate giving goes. Their first priority is scholarships, grants, STEM activities and other programs for youth. Since the actual Model Aviation Day is in July, our event turns out to be one of the first in the calendar year.

This was also the first year we invited the FPV community to come and fly at our newly created FPV racing site at the north end of our field. The area FPV guys turned out for two days of racing through a course that included gates and turns through the wood lot. All of the racers gave us good reviews for the new site.

The highlight of the fixed wing activity was the paint ball shoot. About 11 AM we hosted five paintball teams and, for a donation to our charity, let them blaze away at our airplanes. We originally organized this with foamies, but the stiff breeze stifled that attempt. Not to be denied, our two paint ball pilots, Gene Jobjen and Paul Sandal, pulled out Gene’s Assassin and made that the target. The Assassin was actually a better and more robust target and the consensus is that we forget the foamies if we do this again next year.

All three of the local TV stations provided coverage and one young man for KOTA actually took a buddy-box flight with Bob and Warren. The media was most interested in the AMA Foundation and the charity giving which was a good thing.

Thanks to all who helped make this a great success.

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