3 Event Fun Fly


By Gene Jobjen

Ok, we all want to fly and have fun. This event was a throughback to some of those fun fly’s we used to have a few years back. I brought back three events that some of us remember and some others have tried to forget.

The first was Speed and Spit. Two parts to this one. You put a peanut M&M in your mouth first. Then take off, fly to both ends of the field, do a loop and roll in there somewhere and land. This time was recorded in seconds. Then you had to spit the peanut as far as you could. The distance covered by the peanut was subtracted from your time. The winner had the lowest number.

I can tell you there was some cheating. Bob Olson ate the peanut and Jim Tiller tried to use his grand daughter as his designated spitter, but I ended up the winner. My time was near the best, but my peanut spit went over 21 Ft. Among 15 spitters, I’d say that’s pretty good.

We had 9 entrants in the climb and glide. We gave 20 seconds to reach altitude, then you had to idle or shut off the motor and glide back. Denny Bernal won this one with a glide time of 1 minute 34 seconds. That was more than 15 seconds better than Mark Richter in second place.

In the mail run, you have to pass the mail from plane to plane until everyone on your team has carried the mail one lap around the field. This is always great fun and you have to be a sprinter sometimes as well. We had two teams. Bob Simpson, Zac Roller, Jim Tiller and Justin Gebes were on team CAMI and Denny Bernal, Warren Malone, Ethan Thibault and I were on team IMAC. Team IMAC bested the competition by 20 seconds.

As always, these kinds of things are lots of fun. There were a couple of planes that suffered a little damage in the course of these events, but most came through unscathed. My old Skyraider keeps on ticking and several of the competitors used it as their contest machine.

There were no prizes given, no championship trophies, just a lot of good fun. I think all who took part had a good time. Most agreed that we should do it again in the near future. We still have a few M&Ms left -- why not.


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