EAFB Discover the Hills

As far back as last year, the Neal Lutke address the club about the Ellsworth Air Force Base yearly event that introduced the airmen to what is going on in our community. He thought this would be a great way to get our name in front of all the base personnel that are required to attend.

After considerable discussion and some digging, the talk turned into action as we hawked our wares at the Discover the Hills event for 2016. On Friday, April 29th, several of us manned the Propbuster booth in the Pride hanger at EAFB.

Not really knowing what to expect, Warren Malone, Ken Corrin, Mark Richter, Neal Lutke and I were ready to make FPG-9 gliders with the kids and put some prospective flyers on the simulator. All of us were pleasantly surprised. We had quite a few people stop by and we talked to several young airmen that already had some flying experience and may well show up at our field. We only had a few takers on the gliders as the families with children were fewer in number.

The only down side, and an uncontrollable one, was that the acoustics of the old B-36 Pride hanger are such that normal conversation is difficult. An announcer on a loudspeaker only made that situation worse. Just one of those things.

All of us felt it was well worth our time to be there and be part of that event. We may even get a new member or two from the bright young people who stopped by.

The planning part and securing base access was primarily from Neal Lutke and Mike Rossman. Warren Malone stepped up and organized all the various parts and pieces needed to make it a success. And thanks to Mark and Ken for manning the booth so ably.

I think I share the opinion of all of us when I say I think this is a venue we should be at every year. Just the investment in interacting with the EAFB community will help us out in our relationship with the base and ATC.

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